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About BMW of McKinney

Here at BMW of McKinney, we have made a commitment to our amazing team of people and our customers, providing the people we get to help with the best experience possible. This is at the center of our core values, which are built on the ideals of leaders who support and value the people they work with, create an environment of teamwork, and live every day with integrity. These are not simply words or ideas; these are the concepts that guide us in every decision we make, day in and day out, to ensure we work hard and do better each day than we did the day before to assist you, our customer.

People Are Everything

At the heart of all of this is one thing: people. The people we get to work with and the team we have built here at BMW of McKinney—this is a guiding principle of all Hendrick Automotive Group dealerships and is at the forefront of everything we do. It is why we work so hard to find the best people, provide everyone with exceptional training to ensure they have the tools to be able to assist you and continue to support our team day after day. But the people we have brought together at BMW of McKinney are only part of the picture; the other half is the people we work with: our customers.

When you visit us, you will immediately know that your needs and concerns are at the forefront of all of our decisions, and we work tirelessly to ensure you know how much we value you. We know you have plenty of options when looking for a dealership, but our customers come to us because they want something more than what everyone else has to offer. You want an experience that focuses on what you need in your next vehicle and ensures you drive away completely happy. That is what you will find when you work with us; this is a part of our commitment to continuous improvement, a core value that guides us as we start each day looking for new opportunities to do even better than we did the day before.

Fantastic Vehicles, Unbeatable Service

To us, there are two vital parts of the sales process when it comes to finding you the vehicle you will enjoy for many years. It all starts with our incredible selection of vehicles, including new and pre-owned models. With so many different vehicles to choose from, picking a BMW means you understand the importance of luxury, sophistication, and impeccable performance when you are on the road. This is something we understand, too, and this connection that we have with our customers comes through as we work with you to find you the perfect model with everything you have been looking for.

And that is the second part of this process: customer service that always puts your needs first. You could have either part of this and still have a bad experience or not be able to find the vehicle you are looking for; with both parts together, everything becomes simple. We are committed to enthusiastic customer service that focuses on your needs and demonstrates to you—with everything we do—that we are here to exceed your expectations. By helping you with what you need and providing you with amazing vehicles to choose from, you can have a rewarding experience that simplifies shopping for a car.

Built on a Foundation of Integrity

Here at BMW of McKinney, we are incredibly proud to be a part of the Hendrick Automotive Group and the remarkable legacy that it stands for. At just 23 years old, Rick Hendrick bought a struggling car dealership in 1976 and quickly turned it around, transforming it into one of the most successful Chevy dealers in South Carolina. From there, Hendrick continued to expand, and by the end of the 1970s, he had turned one dealer into the number one Chevy franchise by volume in South and North Carolinas, along with building a free-standing Honda dealership that became one of the most successful in the area.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Hendrick continued to expand and build on his auto group to create something truly remarkable. Adding more manufacturers and franchises, including Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche, Hendrick has always understood the importance of fantastic vehicles designed for drivers who respect luxury and power behind the wheel. In 1984, Hendrick Motorsports was founded, and an incredible crew was put together that won multiple victories in its first year, further delivering on Hendrick’s passion for performance and love of all aspects of the auto industry. Throughout the decades that followed, the Hendrick Automotive Group has continued to grow and expand.

Today, Hendrick Automotive Group is one of the largest automotive retail organizations in the country and the largest privately held auto retail organization in the US. This is something we are incredibly proud to be a part of; it also means we can put this kind of massive purchasing power to work for you when you visit us at BMW of McKinney. As a leukemia survivor, Hendrick has been closely involved with Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC, and he and his wife established the Hendrick Family Foundation in 2016, a non-profit organization meant to further the goals of their previous organization: the Hendrick Marrow Program, which raised more than $15 million to support marrow donations to help fight against cancer.

Staying True to Our Values

Rick Hendrick built his organization based on a passion for winning, which we are proud to continue here at BMW of McKinney. This means we have a single goal: being the best BMW dealership based on how we treat people and how we deliver on our core values to our customers. We strive for this without ego or a desire to reach the top and then rest on our laurels; each day, we want to do better than we did the day before, which means we look to improve and grow in everything we do. You deserve to have this kind of experience while shopping for your next vehicle; you deserve to experience the Hendrick difference and find the perfect car or SUV here at BMW of McKinney.

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